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Hartford Pre-Kindergarten Magnet does not charge tuition

for school program Monday through Friday, 7:45 a.m. - 2:45 p.m.

There is NO school bus transportation.  Students need to be dropped-off at 7:45 a.m. and picked-up at 2:45 p.m. unless student is in the afterschool YMCA program (below is more information about YMCA afterschool program)


Update as of May 8, 2017:  

Round #1 families:  Deadline to confirm to RSCO that you "Accept" your child's placement at Hartford PreKMagnet School is Thursday, May 18th.  

Deadline to complete school registration paperwork at Hartford PreK Magnet School is Thursday, June 29th.  Please make sure to check you email "Inbox" or "Spam" to assure you receive the reminders on how to proceed with registration process at the school level prior to Thursday, June 29th registration paperwork completion deadline. 

Dear Future Hartford Pre-Kindergarten Magnet School Parent/Guardian: 

We are very excited that your child has been accepted to attend our school for the 2017-2018 school year as either a PreK3 or PreK4 student.  

Per the letter and/or email you have received through RSCO office, please make sure to  “Accept” or “Decline” your child’s seat by deadline date they have given to you (Thursday, May 18th) confirming to them whether or not your child will be attending our school for SY17-18.   

A few notes regarding Hartford Pre-Kindergarten Magnet School:

1. Hartford Pre-Kindergarten Magnet School follows the same school calendar as Hartford Public Schools which can be accessed at

2.  Once the RSCO office receives your acceptance (either via email/internet or hard copy), they will let us know you have accepted or declined.  If you have accepted, please contact me via email ( to set-up date/time to complete the registration documents prior to Thursday, June 29, 2017.  The confirmation for date and time to complete the registration paperwork will be sent to you via an email once you have confirmed to RSCO that your child will attend SY17-18.

An email has been sent to each family with the information noted above to assure we are communicating thoroughly between the home and the school.  Please make sure to check either your "Inbox" or "Spam" for the email from the school.   If you have not received the email, please contact me via email ( or phone (860) 695-5820.  Additionally, we will make every effort to contact you via phone to assure you have received this information in a timely manner and know how to proceed with next steps.  

We are excited to have you as a member of our learning community. 

You can be assured that your child’s education will be of the highest quality at Hartford Pre-Kindergarten Magnet School. 



Iris N. Febles-Martinez

Executive Assistant

Hartford Pre-Kindergarten Magnet School

121 Cornwall Street

Hartford  CT 06112

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Hartford Pre-Kindergarten Magnet School provides a rich learning environment that nurtures and supports young children’s natural ability to inquire, explore and experiment.

Children learn about the world around them through structured play, inquiry-based lessons, discussions and the mapping of vocabulary.

Our program includes:

  • Observing
  • Questioning
  • Conducting Investigations
  • Making Predictions
  • Drawing Conclusions
  • Communicating Findings

Children leave Hartford PreKindergarten Magnet School prepared to succeed in kindergarten and beyond, due to an integrated curriculum that addresses all of the areas known to be foundational for success in school.

Afterschool program:  

2:45 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. for a fee through YMCA program located at the school.  Applications are through YMCA who will let you know the cost upon application being received.